Combat dandruff once and for all

There is no thing that makes us sad or damaged more than wear a dark suit and see those particles scattered by the white area of ​​the neck or shoulders.
Here we try to discuss the causes and treatments for dandruff. What to do to finish off dandruff, which kills us with shame? What is the best treatment? The best shampoo? This is one of the questions that many of us do to ourselves.

Dandruff is a problem that has plagued and reaches many people, from young to adults, dandruff is a dead film that comes off the scalp, dandruff is often associated with seborrhoea or greasy hair, which are the same. This arises when there is an increased production of oil by the sebaceous gland and the consequent flaking of the scalp, which generates these white flakes that end up falling in the machine, excess oil because, in addition to scaling, a risk of proliferation of fungi, which may worsen dandruff.

Fungi are an aggravating and become a chronic problem dandruff, besides their stress and poor nutrition, with the ingestion of too much sugar and animal fat, can they help this condition considerably. Not enough to run into a store and buy a shampoo and seek special versions of anti-dandruff shampoos anti-dandruff shampoos available dry the scalp and stimulates the production of more oil and that ultimately creates a vicious circle, the key to successful treatment is to regulate and control the production of oil on the scalp and thus end up with dandruff. One of the most undesirable consequences of dandruff is the inflammation of the scalp, and acne to seborrhea which brings the dreaded itching and hair loss.
What should be done to combat dandruff is also clean the blood, cleaning the impurities of the blood is the most important part of treating dandruff, tea of ​​gorse has a positive effect because it purifies the blood, removing impurities resulting from digestive problems and liver and also helps in eliminating constipation.

The Right Road recommends this homemade recipe

Make a juice cabbage leaves and apply to the scalp daily, also try to drink approximately one liter of tea a day broom (helpful in the treatment of dandruff), dandruff to disappear.

Another home remedy for infallible dandruff treatment, few know, but a more effective treatment home against dandruff is made using the vinegar.
To eliminate dandruff by using vinegar, just massage the scalp with vinegar before washing it with your shampoo. Do this several times a week.
Combat dandruff once and for all
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Combat dandruff once and for all
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